The Author and guest speaker revealed 9-11-01 in 1999 with flawless precision!

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Drum Tower
Beijing, China

June 24, 2008

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The Syracuse University Enigma
Tom Coughlin
Pan Am Flight 103
John Moran
Rancho Mirage Public Library
June 24, 2008


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Bush Family TRUST!
New York Giants
New England Patriots

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(Part 2 Continued)
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Bush Family TRUST!
New York Giants
New England Patriots

America is the Titanic 2000

New Book Reveals Coming Apocalypse

COSTA MESA, Calif. – Almost three years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the government and the American public are still trying to make sense of what happened and why. John Gregory Moran IV knows the tragedy could have been avoided had the government listened to him. His new book, Titanic 2000 The Millennium (now available through AuthorHouse), reveals his predictions about the future.

"My autobiography is flawlessly intertwined into today’s chaos and improper decisions by U.S. government politicians: policies and practices. This ‘Titanic Treatise’ has never previously been accomplished by any individual. The clock timings for America and the remainder of the human race are brought to the fore in this book", Moran says.

Titanic 2000 The Millennium is a voyage into the future. "The American Bible for survival," as he calls it, is meant to serve as a final wake up call to the Nation. Moran sees the political waters the country is floating in growing increasingly dangerous. He was "the only individual who meticulously predicted and declared the events" of Sept. 11. Once he revealed his prediction to government officials, he was subsequently ignored. He hopes that his new book is absorbed by every American so they can be prepared for the things he sees for the future.

"The stories that will unfold are tantalizing to the human mind…Disasters, deceit, villainous acts and death will interplay in the same manner as Shakespearian acts in the Renaissance era," Moran writes.

Titanic 2000 The Millennium is a foundation for readers to comprehend events with a more significant understanding of timings and movements.

Moran boldly declares himself "The Master of the Apocalypse." He was born in New York City, grew up in Broxville, N.Y., and graduated from Syracuse University. Moran initially worked in a variety of financial positions in New York City before moving to the West Coast. As a commercial business development officer for a Beverly Hills, Calif., financial company, he interacted with thousands of people in the banking and finance industry. He went into business for himself at 29 years of age. Throughout the 1990s, his trips to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Central America, Russia and the Caribbean were eye opening glimpses into the growing disdain the globe feels for America.

Moran has written this treatise to challenge the Sept. 11 Commission and America. Titanic 2000 The Millennium is his first book.